Friday, July 16, 2010

"Again" by Natasha Bedingfield Ft. Bruno Mars Piano Cover=)


I have been, as I said I while ago, listening to some songs my sister used to listen to, and this song is one of those she would listen over and over again=P

I came across to listen to this version of "Again" of Natasha Bedingfield and Bruno Mars and I liked the piano intro and specially the modes that are used in this song, the most notizable is the lydian scale!!I really like it^^

Did you know that the choruses of some emo songs and metalcore songs use this scale?That's why some of their songs sound sweet and/or nice=)

I have the manuscript sheet music and I will be posting it on my download server by next next week, as I'm going to Santiago de Compostela this wednesday!=P

That means that I won't be uploading anything=S

Anyways!=PIt is always better to give than to receive always, because if we always receive, one day life will take away something from us.. like the internet..people take lots of advantage of it that many musicians end up with nothing because of the illegal dowloads and all those stuff. It is such a pity, as I, as a fan of many music groups, buy at least their CD's and if I could, go to a concert, but they never come here..=P. I own at least 20-30 CD's in total, and I don't even care if it cost me a CD 20€!!I'm a fan and support them because I love the music they play and they deserve even more than 20€ I guess=)

Anyways, I just hope you enjoyed my cover!=D

Christian Ray Leovido, aka: kEyb0arDfweAk


  1. Teehawk369.

    Wow u play amazingly i wish to play this piano piece. the way u play it is awesome :)

  2. Thanks for your comment;)

    Nothing is impossible=D

  3. How would u buy this piano piece??

  4. It sounds amazing when u put up the music sheet I will def buy it cause I wanna learn this one so bad

  5. "Again" is one of my favorite songs. And your piano version is the best!!! Wish I could play like that.

  6. I read on your other blog thing that the first 10 people who comment get the midi stuff... does that mean i get it too? please:) i love this song and you made a wonderful cover of it! nice job <3

  7. Where may I found this sheet ??

  8. wow..i want that sheet music

  9. you said you would put the sheet music in your download server, where is that?

  10. Can you play this again with a higher or directly over the keys view please?