Friday, July 16, 2010

Final Fantasy X-2 - "Eternity(Memory of Lightwaves)"[[piano duet: 4-hands]]


This is my first time to upload this kind of video!!=D

The person that helped me out with this is acuity1980

Be sure to check his account!!I really like his way of playing, so you better check his videos out!!=D

I got to know him because I was looking for someone who played yiruma songs almost perfectly;), then I got to see his videos, he has a LOT of videos and he deserves more recognition!!=D

We choose this piece cuz we were looking for a piece that had sheet music for 4 hands!!
And we got to find this arrangements and they are really great;)


I think I am talking too much=P

I hope you enjoyed this!!
There will be more videos like this in the future!
So subscribe me and subscribe him!!=D


Christian Ray Leovido, aka: kEyb0arDfweAk

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  1. this is the most beautiful arrangement i heard for this song..:) loved it so much i got the video and uploaded it to my phone so i can listen to it whenever i want to..:) thanks for making such a beautiful rendition..:)