Friday, May 21, 2010

Flyleaf - "All around me"[[piano cover]]

Hi, this is a new video cover I made of the song "All around me" from Flyleaf

Flyleaf is a great Christian Rock band and they really do different music that is also niice^^, you should check them out, other songs like "I'm so sick", "Fully Alive", "Broken wings", etcetcetc.

By the way, I also played "I'm so sick" for piano, I have an arrangement for it.

I've just woke up in the morning feeling like I wanted to play this song..
I actually had to upload this last year, but it did not convince me lacked something, but now, I was able to upload it(with my broken camera, but this time it works perfectly^^)

As you can see I edited the video, niice?or not niice?=(

Please let me know=P

If you want to be able to play this song just follow this chords and read the article below for details on how to play any song;)


Intro: F#m, D x2
Verse: F#m, A, D
Prechorus: D, E
Chorus: F#m, A, D, F#m, A, D, E

the rest is the same as the verse^^

If you have any questions just ask me through my youtube channel;)

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