Sunday, August 15, 2010

Toy Story - "You've got a friend in me"[[piano]]


This is specially dedicated to my kLòÓuxiie!=PBecause she bought me this book of music from the movie Toy Story;)

She is the one in my picture=P
Besides all..I miss you


I remember when I was asking her for some sheet music but she did not know which ones to buy bc she may choose the wrong ones, until she knew that I liked toy story as well as she does;), then, she bought me this a gift=)

I only got a little mistake in the bridge part=(, please forgive meeee=D

Anyways, I just hope you enjoy!;)

PD: Has anyone watched the movie Toy Story 3?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Final Fantasy X-2 - "Eternity(Memory of Lightwaves)"[[piano duet: 4-hands]]


This is my first time to upload this kind of video!!=D

The person that helped me out with this is acuity1980

Be sure to check his account!!I really like his way of playing, so you better check his videos out!!=D

I got to know him because I was looking for someone who played yiruma songs almost perfectly;), then I got to see his videos, he has a LOT of videos and he deserves more recognition!!=D

We choose this piece cuz we were looking for a piece that had sheet music for 4 hands!!
And we got to find this arrangements and they are really great;)


I think I am talking too much=P

I hope you enjoyed this!!
There will be more videos like this in the future!
So subscribe me and subscribe him!!=D


Christian Ray Leovido, aka: kEyb0arDfweAk

"Again" by Natasha Bedingfield Ft. Bruno Mars Piano Cover=)


I have been, as I said I while ago, listening to some songs my sister used to listen to, and this song is one of those she would listen over and over again=P

I came across to listen to this version of "Again" of Natasha Bedingfield and Bruno Mars and I liked the piano intro and specially the modes that are used in this song, the most notizable is the lydian scale!!I really like it^^

Did you know that the choruses of some emo songs and metalcore songs use this scale?That's why some of their songs sound sweet and/or nice=)

I have the manuscript sheet music and I will be posting it on my download server by next next week, as I'm going to Santiago de Compostela this wednesday!=P

That means that I won't be uploading anything=S

Anyways!=PIt is always better to give than to receive always, because if we always receive, one day life will take away something from us.. like the internet..people take lots of advantage of it that many musicians end up with nothing because of the illegal dowloads and all those stuff. It is such a pity, as I, as a fan of many music groups, buy at least their CD's and if I could, go to a concert, but they never come here..=P. I own at least 20-30 CD's in total, and I don't even care if it cost me a CD 20€!!I'm a fan and support them because I love the music they play and they deserve even more than 20€ I guess=)

Anyways, I just hope you enjoyed my cover!=D

Christian Ray Leovido, aka: kEyb0arDfweAk

Friday, June 11, 2010

Paramore - "Brick by boring brick"[[piano cover]]


I have made another song of Paramore;)

I just hope you like it and comment me, favorite me, like me, hate me, or that you just passed by, I still Thank you=)

I got back to my old video anglex)

And also I have to add that I will be posting more Paramore and Flyleaf songs!

A song list is made by me and it's in my computer, if you want to know, just PM me=)

Any suggestions are kindly accepted;)

Christian Ray Leovido, aka: kEyb0arDfweAk

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paramore - "The only exception"[[piano cover]]

This is an mp3 cover of the song "The only exception"

I'm working on the sheet music of this version, which will also be for purchase=)

Finally!!^^my first sheet music to be made!=D

I got to know this song from a subscriber that always commented on my videos, I won't mention her or his name because I don't know if she's or he's a guyXD


I just went to her profile and see her list of favorites and this song was in it=)

My next covers will be from Three days Grace, Lady Antebellum(need you know), Colbie Caillat, Fireflight, Flyleaf, Hillsong, and a special surprise for the ones who love and like Disturbed;)

I hope you enjoyed watching my video=)

Thank you for passing by=)


Christian Ray Leovido

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flyleaf - "All around me"[[piano cover]]

Hi, this is a new video cover I made of the song "All around me" from Flyleaf

Flyleaf is a great Christian Rock band and they really do different music that is also niice^^, you should check them out, other songs like "I'm so sick", "Fully Alive", "Broken wings", etcetcetc.

By the way, I also played "I'm so sick" for piano, I have an arrangement for it.

I've just woke up in the morning feeling like I wanted to play this song..
I actually had to upload this last year, but it did not convince me lacked something, but now, I was able to upload it(with my broken camera, but this time it works perfectly^^)

As you can see I edited the video, niice?or not niice?=(

Please let me know=P

If you want to be able to play this song just follow this chords and read the article below for details on how to play any song;)


Intro: F#m, D x2
Verse: F#m, A, D
Prechorus: D, E
Chorus: F#m, A, D, F#m, A, D, E

the rest is the same as the verse^^

If you have any questions just ask me through my youtube channel;)